About the Department

Solving real-world problems through people, manufacturing, information, and finance

Industrial and systems engineering involves technical systems that integrate various management techniques to solve complex problems in the real world. Its aim is planning and control in the broadest sense and includes ideation, planning, and forecasting as well as systems design, operation, and evaluation in addition to the development of new management techniques.

At the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, we consider the application of science and technology and management from a variety of perspectives and ideas based on the four societal resources of people, manufacturing, information, and finance. Our goal is to train professionals who can take a multifaceted approach to problem-solving. Our curriculum is grounded in a basic understanding of science and engineering and its mathematical building blocks and is composed of four main fields of study: human and systems, applied statistics and optimization, information science and artificial intelligence, and management and economics. We also integrate courses in the humanities and social sciences for a transdisciplinary curriculum that emphasizes a strong background in science and technology. Moreover, our department emphasizes cultivating an attitude of independence and autonomy in students, who are encouraged to think for themselves and deepen their understanding of the subject matter to identify and solve problems on their own.


This educational philosophy informs the diversity of courses at the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, which aims to equip engineers with broad perspectives and T-shaped skills, which refers to engineers equipped with both a broad knowledge base and extensive expertise in a specific field. Specifically, in their second year, students build the cornerstone of this T-shape by taking introductory courses (foundation subjects) in management and engineering; in their third year, they start studying more specialized subjects (departmental major field courses) to build out that broad foundation; finally, in their fourth and final year, students deepen their expertise in a specific field.

The Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering was established in 1959, with the graduate school and its master’s and doctoral programs following in 1963. While the guiding philosophy of the department has remained unchanged since its founding, we go beyond preserving tradition to boldly pursue education and research amid rapid disciplinary developments and swift social changes. Our aim is clear: to develop new and advanced management technologies that are ahead of their time.