Shuhei Inadainada Lab.

Associate ProfessorShuhei Inada

Overview of Research

We investigate mechanisms and methodologies to improve the efficiency of the systems that provide products and services to customers. In recent years, we have also focused on improving the productivity in distribution centers and introducing robots into production systems.

Major Taught Courses

Industrial Engineering, Production Management, Engineering Economy

Research Contents

①Utilization of robots in production systems:

In recent years, due to the advances in robot technology, the range of applications of industrial robots has expanded considerably. We are in the process of developing a system that automatically plans work layouts and work procedures for dual-arm robots to improve their performance.

②Improving productivity in logistics systems

With the progress of DX(Digital Transformation) technology, information in supply chains can now be used more quickly in a timely manner. As an example of research in a distribution center, we consider effective storage allocation using information related to the arrival date and shipping date of products.

Educational Policies

Production system management is a methodology for effectively managing system resources, such as workers, materials, and equipment. To identify an underlying problem and obtain its solution, pursuing the relevant facts while theoretically setting the hypothesis is important. An understanding of mathematics and computers is also very helpful at the problem-solving stage. We aim for you to acquire these abilities through your research activities.