Yusaku Okadaokada Lab.

ProfessorYusaku Okada

Overview of Research

We are conducting research on safety/service/technology management from viewpoint of corporate value.
We solve various problems that companies have by exchanging opinions with companies, collaborating, collecting, and analyzing on-site data, and conducting on-site surveys. We primarily focus on on-site activities rather than on-campus activities.

Major Taught Courses

Human Factors 1, Human Factors 3, Human Factors 5

Research Contents

①Examination of support methods for improving railway transportation services

・Proposal of new method to evaluate safety management in corporations
・Analysis of operators’ nontechnical skill
・Human error behavior analysis using incident report content

② Examination of the social implementation of maintenance technology in social infrastructure

・Development of methods for predicting the remaining life of structures
・Safety management of newly developed technology and promotion of regional expansion

③Support for service improvement measures for users in medical organizations

・Design and implementation of medical safety support systems using various data
・Patient fall risk assessment

Educational Policies

Students with a wide range of aspirations and intellectual curiosity actively and sustainably participate in laboratory activities, including activities in companies. Via work in fields including public services, social/community contribution, and human resource development, we evaluate how to engage in socially significant work and solve actual problems in corporate settings.