Satoshi Kuriharakurihara Lab.

ProfessorSatoshi Kurihara

Overview of Research

To support the ultra-low birthrate and aging population in the future and to implement the national IT policy of Society 5.0, it is critical to develop general-purpose and autonomous AI that can coexist symbiotically with humans. People must have a sense of closeness and security with AI, which should actively interact with and pay attention to people, promoting a sense of unity between people and AI. We intend to develop AIOS (Cognitive Reactor/Neural Reactor), a next-generation AI based on swarm intelligence, emergent mechanisms, complex networks, and ambient information infrastructure, for this purpose.

Major Taught Courses

Architecture design of Intelligence, Social Computing

Recent Research Theme

Autonomous distributed intelligent transportation system
COVID-19 AI simulation
Interactive story-type contents generation system#1
Multi-level emergent system